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Asus ROG Phone 5 Pro Gcam Port: Asus ROG Phone 5 Pro is a very good phone, its camera used to be very good but due to software updates, the camera quality of the Asus ROG Phone 5 Pro phone has been reduced. I will tell you how you can improve the camera quality in Asus ROG Phone 5 Pro. To have good camera quality on this mobile, you must install the Gcam Port application. If you install this application on your Asus ROG Phone 5 Pro phone, then your phone’s camera quality will be good.To install the Gcam Port application in this Asus ROG Phone 5 Pro phone, camera2api should be enabled on your phone only then this application will be able to run on your phone. You will find below the method of installing the application on this phone and at the same time you will also get its download link.

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Asus ROG Phone 5 Pro Gcam Port Top Feature

You can see here what kind of features will be given after installing Google Camera in Asus ROG Phone 5 Pro.
  • New Material You Design: The camera app now follows Google’s Material You design language, which provides a fresh and modern look to the user interface.
  • Video stabilization improvements: The video stabilization has been improved on Asus ROG Phone 5 Pro Phone to provide smoother and more stable footage.
  • Enhanced Night Sight mode: The Night Sight mode now provides better low-light performance and produces brighter and more detailed images in dark conditions.
  • Astrophotography mode: This mode allows users to capture detailed photos of the night sky, including stars and other celestial bodies.
  • Face retouching: Google Camera features an updated face retouching algorithm that can smooth out blemishes and wrinkles in portrait photos.
  • Audio Zoom: Asus ROG Phone 5 Pro Camera now supports audio zoom, which allows users to focus on specific sounds while recording video.
  • Quick toggles: Asus ROG Phone 5 Pro camera app now includes quick toggles for switching between photo and video mode, and for accessing other camera settings.
  • Lens blur improvements: The Lens Blur feature has been enhanced to provide more realistic and accurate bokeh effects.
  • Custom exposure settings: Users can now adjust the exposure settings manually to achieve the desired brightness and contrast levels in their photos.
  • Improved video codecs: Asus ROG Phone 5 Pro Phone now supports the AV1 video codec, which provides better compression and quality than traditional codecs like H.264 and H.265.

Asus ROG Phone 5 Pro Gcam Port Download

Asus ROG Phone 5 Pro Gcam PortHere you will get the direct download link of Google Drive, there is no virus in this app. You can download it without any hassle. If you want to see its installation process then given below.
Device NameAsus ROG Phone 5 Pro
App NameGoogle Camera
RequireAndroid 11+
Last Update1 day ago
Gcam PortDownload Now [Latest]

How to install Gcam Port on Asus ROG Phone 5 Pro

To install the Google Camera app, camera2api should be enabled on your phone, only then your Asus ROG Phone 5 Pro phone will be able to install the Google Camera app. To check camera2api you have to install the Manual Camera Compatibility app from the play store.
  • Manual Focus
  • Manual White Balance
  • Manual ISO
  • Manual Shutter Speed
  • Raw Support
All these options should be a green tick, if anyone has a red tick then the google camera app will not work properly.If your Asus ROG Phone 5 Pro phone is camera2api enabled, download and install the APK file from the above link.
  • Go to Download LinkDownload APK FileClick on InstallAllow Apps From This Source Enable.


What is Google Camera?

Google Camera (also known as GCam) is a camera application developed by Google for Android smartphones. It is designed to enhance the camera capabilities of Android phones, any user who needs good camera quality can use this application. Google Camera uses Ai algorithms and machine learning techniques to improve photos.

is google camera free?

yes, google camera is absolutely free, you can install it for free

does google camera scan a QR code?

Yes, google camera can scan QR codes. Its camera app has been given this feature.

is google camera open source?

Yes, Google Camera is an open-source application.

what is a Google camera port?

Google Camera Port refers to a modified version of the Google Camera app that has been specifically designed to work on Android devices that are not officially supported by Google.

what is google camera go?

google camera go is a low version of Gcam APK that is installed on low-end phones.

do google cameras require a subscription?

No, this application is absolutely free. You can install it for free in your Asus ROG Phone 5 Pro.

Which GCam version should I use for Asus ROG Phone 5 Pro?

You can use any Google Camera version. I have given you the best Google camera version.

Can’t install GCam APK on Asus ROG Phone 5 Pro (App Not Installed)?

If the app is not installed on your Asus ROG Phone 5 Pro phone, then you should try another version.

GCam App crashing just after being opened on Asus ROG Phone 5 Pro?

If your Asus ROG Phone 5 Pro phone is crashing when you open the app, then you should try a different version.

Is GCam stable on Asus ROG Phone 5 Pro?

Yes, this is a stable Gcam version for Asus ROG Phone 5 Pro

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